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We are working internet based around the globe to enable you to speed up your businesses with the highest quality translations.

Personalized top level interpreter services are available for immediate scheduling.

As sworn interpreter-translator Spanish-English-Dutch the undersigned may assist you in all legal matters.

How to contact ?

For Spain :

send me an email please, or
Tel† (0031) 615 94 14 88 or Skype: anitavanmele

For The Netherlands-Belgium :

Tel† (0031) 615 94 14 88 or email or Skype: anitavanmele

For the Dutch Antilles :
send me an email please, or Tel† (0031) 615 94 14 88 or Skype: anitavanmele

For email: Fill out the contact form please & I will contact you asap

GLOBOTRANSLATIONS- Registered with Chamber of Commerce The Netherlands

Anita Van Mele - Registered as Sworn Interpreter-Translator in the following countries :

* Spain : Certified with Ministry of Foreign Affairs Madrid in 2003

* The Netherlands : Certied Court of The Hague in 2006 - Registered with Nationaal Bureau BeŽdigd Vertalers Tolken BBVT

* Belgium : Certified Court of Antwerp in 1986

* The Netherlands Antilles : Certified Court of Willemstad in 2008 -- Landsbesluit 1208

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